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R & D test

Hejian biotechnology attaches great importance to the construction of science and technology system, equipped with advanced quality inspection equipment and independent laboratory, advanced high-performance liquid chromatograph, high-efficiency thin-layer chromatograph, gas chromatograph

UV analyzer, other analytical and testing equipment and various laboratory auxiliary facilities. It brings together industry experts, doctors, masters and other famous scientific research elites from universities and colleges

And scientific research institutions, committed to building a high-tech Industrial Development Zone level plant extraction R & D platform.

Key points of our experiment and R & D:

1. Innovation and application plan of plant raw materials in personal care and other industries

2. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant effective components

3. Separation and purification of plant effective components

4. Design and development of functional formula adding materials

5. Application of biotechnology in plant resources

6. Safety assessment of plant active ingredients.

Production process

Raw material pretreatment   /   Extraction   /   concentration /   Extraction   /   Chromatography   /   refined crystallization   /   powder spray drying   /   potency Evaluation   /   product packaging   /   every link of product transportation has clear standardized operation

Process and safety operation procedures, and every link of the production process shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant procedures.

Three solutions

We are committed to meet the customers' special requirements for water solubility, color, purity, etc

Develop and produce products according to customers' requirements

  • Sample customization

  • Process development optimization

  • Composite customization

Development of the company

Hejian adopts the operation mode of "company + farmer" to supply raw materials, gives full play to the advantages of regional resources, vigorously promotes the cultivation of Echinacea and the cultivation room base of edible fungi

The construction of the plant raw material cultivation should be standardized, standardized and scientific, and the quality of plant raw material should be "safe, effective, stable and controllable"

Promote the industrial development of the company and realize optimization and upgrading