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Tongkat Ali extract

Tongkat Ali extract
  • 产品名称:Tongkat Ali extract
  • 产品拉丁文:Eurycoma longifolia
  • 产品规格:1%、2%、15%
  • 应用范围:请百度百科自行查询

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Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub plant that grows in the pristine tropical rainforest near Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia. The maturity period is generally more than 5 years. Tongkat Ali is also the most widely studied natural medicinal plant in recent years. Because it is very rare, it is difficult to plant and cultivate manually. Since 2001, Tongkat Ali has been listed as a national protected plant in Malaysia. With bird's nest and tin products, and known as the three national treasures of Malaysia.
Small evergreen trees, about 15 meters high, with young branches without branches, old trees with branches and pale yellow roots. The trunk diameter can be up to 30.5 cm, the bark is dark gray or brown, the young branches are reddish brown, and there are obvious traces of detachment at the top of the stem. Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate compound leaves, about 30 to 100 cm long, leaflets opposite or nearly opposite, long ovate or lanceolate, there are 31 to 51, about 3 to 12.5 cm long, 0.5 to 3.5 cm wide, The apex is tapered, the base is wedge-shaped, and the leaves are intact after rubbing. A

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