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Tongkat Ali Extract Kuantan 【Basic Information】1%-15%

作者: 合健生物    来源:  XI'AN HEKING BIO-TECH CO., LTD    时间: 2019-06-04

Tongkat Ali Extract Kuantan 【Basic Information】

Chinese name: Tongkat Ali extract

English name: Tongkat Ali Extract

Chinese alias: Kuantan; Tongkat Ali extract; Tongkat Ali extract Kuantan; Tongkat Ali extract Kuantan

English aliases: 1β,20-Epoxy-1β,11,12α,14,15β-pentahydroxypicrasa-3,13(21)-diene-2,16-dione

CAS number: 84633-29-4
  Molecular formula: C20H28O11
   Molecular weight: 444.43

Plant source: Root of Tongkat Ali
Product specifications: Kuanone 0.1%-10%, etc.
【Quality Index】With Kuanone 0.5% as a reference:
Properties: brownish yellow powder, typical smell identification:
It should meet the specified mesh number: 100% through 80 mesh ash: ≤5.0% heavy metal: ≤10ppm lead content: ≤3ppm arsenic content: ≤2ppm cadmium content: ≤1ppm mercury content: ≤0.1ppm bulk density: 40-60g/100mL dry Weight loss: ≤5.0% solvent residue: should comply with European Pharmacopoeia standard Total number of colonies: ≤1000cfu/g mold and yeast: ≤100cfu/g content determination: Kuanone ≥0.5% [conventional packaging] 25kg cardboard drum

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