Welcome to Heking Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Heking Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.is a high-tech export-oriented enterprises,which integrate scientific research,production and sales of pure natural plant extracts.

Under the company,there are two companies Changsha Heking Bio-tech co.,ltd and XI’AN Heking Bio-tech co.,ltd.?With stable raw material base,strong technical force,advanced production equipment and professional elite team,provide the best natural raw materials and labor services for domestic and foreign manufacturers..

The company strictly controls the quality from the plant source to ensure the high quality of raw materials;carries out strict quality standards and quality control process in the production process,effectively guaranteeing the stability of the company's product quality;the company is equipped with first-class quality inspection equipment and independent laboratories,with advanced high-performance liquid chromatography,high efficiency and thin layer chromatograph,gas chromatograph,ultraviolet analyzer,and other first-class analytical and testing equipment and various laboratory auxiliary facilities,fully ensure the stability and safety of product quality.The company cooperates with many universities and scientific research institutes to attract first-class professionals at home and abroad.Now it has successfully developed and produced resveratrol,osthol,matrine,piperine,salicylate,total isoflavones of Trifolium pratense,puerarin,silymarin,tea saponin,stevioside,fungus polysaccharide,fruit and vegetable powder and other standard plants extracts and more than 1000 kinds of proportion of extracts,annual production capacity of thousands of tons,products by domestic and foreign customers alike.It provides high quality extracts for functional foods,beverages,health products,cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the world.

We adhering to the"people-oriented,virtue-based enterprises;integrity management,common development"business philosophy,create a humanized corporate culture,create the greatest interests for customers,for employees to seek the best welfare,for the community to assume more responsibility.We believe that credibility is the life of enterprises,quality is the guarantee of survival,we will take these two points as the cornerstone,continuous innovation,strive to advance,dedicated to your service!